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Hawaii Wedding and Hawaiian Wedding

We like our beach weddings ceremonies to be low-key, light, fun, and with no stress.

Our ceremonies are straight forward, simple, and in the western wedding format. Each officiate has his own proprietary ceremony wording used and there's not much if anything a normal couple would find disagreeable.

Our officiates are practiced professionals licensed by the State of Hawaii, additionally certified to submit marriage licenses electronically for the fastest processing, and
used by the very best hotels, top wedding venues, and local couples. Each does multiple ceremonies, pretty much every day and dress in appropriate beach wedding attire. All are male officiates and ministers.

FYI: There's a lot of people we could use for our weddings or pick-up if our "regulars" aren't available but, we don't. We don't just hire a bunch of people to do their own thing. Our officiates know how we like our ceremonies performed, the "set-up", and understand what our photographer, videographer, musician, and other vendors need to perform at the highest level as an integrated team.

Read details about the ceremony here.

See a Wedding Ceremony

Here's an uncut raw version of a Romantic Christian Hawaiian wedding ceremony before editing. Your ceremony will not be exactly the same and you may have a different officiate altogether, but this will give you an idea of what we do. It may take a minute or two for the movie to load.

See movie here.

See photos of this wedding here.

This is not us...

iIf you've been looking around on the Internet, you've already seen some pretty freaky stuff!

Krishna dudes, cosmic, spiritual, mystical, and bare-chested and plantation hat, one's who do the photos, video, and music too, and of course, the guy who likes to wear no underwear under his sarong LOL.

Add officiate/ministers who want to have "heart-to-heart" and "soul-to-soul" exchanges with your "divine soul" or only do strict religious ceremonies with promises to "obey" or those who require a consultation to gain a common "spiritual frequency" or "meshing" of beliefs, it's all out there! Even the guy who won't let you go until he preaches you to about being a Hari Krishna!

We're not making this stuff up, it's taken directly from websites.

"Cookie-cutter MacWedding" as some websites say? We call it predictable, consistent, and acceptable to any couple including their family and friends, from anywhere in the world.

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