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If you want to eliminate the hassle, traffic, and overall aggravation of having to drive yourself to your wedding ceremony and even your guests, consider our transportation. Take the thinking and worrying off your shoulders and let us deal with it.

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Why Use Our Transportation?

You can always get your own transportation or use a taxi, it's not a big deal to us but, here are some things to consider:

- We coordinate our transportation, just like we do all of our services. All you have to do is be ready for the pick-up and step-in.

- No need to worry about traffic or being late. As long as you depart the pick-up location "on-time", if you arrive late to the ceremony because of traffic or any road delays, the extra costs for being late are on us, not you.

- We're in direct contact with the limo company before your wedding and with our chauffeurs on wedding day and can make last minute changes if necessary. For instance, changes to the ceremony location because of rain, traffic snarls, unforeseen events, etc.

- Our limos are clean and most are "like new". We've seen some pretty beat-up "taxi" limos arriving with clients who got their own limo.

- Our chauffeurs remain on standby and don't leave to take other "in-between" jobs leaving you waiting for them to return.

How It Works

Limousine time starts from the scheduled pick-up at your Waikiki hotel. The minimum time is two hours. For pick-up locations outside of Waikiki, see below.

Please be waiting and ready to board 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

Be on the lookout for your ordered transportation (limo or other).

If there is no main lobby pick-up area and your hotel fronts the street, be outside on the street. The drivers cannot leave the vehicle!

Transportation service is "point-to-point". We pick you up and take you to the ceremony location and folloing the ceremony, return you to the pick-up location or pre-designated drop-off.

There are no intermediate stops, detours, sight-seeing stops, beer runs LOL, etc., unless, specifically listed and scheduled on the contract.

The vehicle remains on "standby" during the ceremony, either at the site (if allowed) or nearby a couple of minutes away. They do not leave to take "in-between" jobs so, you can leave your belongings and gear in the car. Don't worry, they'll only go through your things if they're bored... only kidding :)

We do our best to schedule the appropriate amount of time for your ceremony given our experience. We want to keep scheduling tight but, must also allow for traffic delays, road construction, the location, time of day, etc. so, you may or may not use all the time. This is normal and "no" you do not get to cruise around after the ceremony to use up any "left-over" limo time. If there's a little extra time, we scheduled it correctly!

IMPORTANT: State license and insurance requirements require that the number of passengers cannot exceed the listed passenger capacity for our transportation. Simply, if it's a warm body including children (no animals allowed), it's a passenger. Extra passengers will not not be allowed. FYI: Baby seats and seats for children up to 8 are not required for taxi's and limousines and we/they do not provide them.

FYI: If you're thinking of a taxi, a regular taxi to Waimanalo is about $68.00 one way from Waikiki (May 2016). Waialae-Kahala is $12 to $15 and up to $20. We've also had clients take an Uber, $6 to Waialae-Kahala and about 30% of the cost of a taxi to Waimanalo which was awesome.

Approximate Transportation Time

These are the total transportation time required for various locations and for a standard ceremony package during the day. Two hours is included in our base service. You can expect that early morning pick-ups and weddings after 3 pm during peak traffic hours will require the higher listed times. Our limousine vendors allow us to book 1/2 hour increments, larger vehicles may require 1 hour increments.

For Honolulu/Waikiki: 2.0 hours. No extra required.

East Honolulu, 2.5 hours.

Windward: 2.5 - 3.0 hours.

West Oahu: 3.5 - 5.0 hours.

North Shore: 4 - 6 hours.

If your pick-up/start point is outside of Waikiki, transportation companies require what's called "barn time". Read more here.

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