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EMAIL US AT: ahawaiiwedding@hawaii.rr.com

If we receive your email, we always reply! If you don't see our reply within 24 hrs. (except for weekends, we're closed), there was a problem. You might want to call us to check. Note: Please check your email "junkmail" and "trash" folders.


When there's a problem, it's from Yahoo and AOL accounts. Replies from us are not being delivered or it's days late or it's not delivered at all. Get a real email service LOL!

AOL has a problem with "phishing" and "junkmail" being sent directly from a client's AOL account. We block those email addresses no matter if you are a reserved client or not (we'll let you know before we block it).
Be aware that work accounts may have security blocking.


A Hawaii Wedding .Com
P.O. Box 8471
Honolulu, HI 96830


Send domestic mail via United States Postal Service. We suggest USPS Priority or regular mail but, your choice if you want to use Express.

DO NOT mail Certified Mail or any method which requires a signature. We will not accept it and it will be returned.

For international mail, USPS Priority International works great and it's far cheaper than any other method.

: 808-521-1032

We prefer email but, you're welcome to call us. We'll be happy to speak with you :)

Monday to Friday - 10 am to 6 pm Hawaii time. If we don't answer during these hours, please leave us a message, we'll call you back as soon as we are able.

Saturday, Sundays, Holidays - We're closed and usually not available but, you can give us a try, we might answer.

If you are a prospective client, we'll answer your questions about our service and direct you to appropriate places on our website for detailed answers.

If you are a reserved paid contract client, we'll of course answer questions and give you direction but, anything of substance (contract changes, etc.) must be done in writing and by email.

Note: We do not take reservations, hold dates, make changes, or do anything of importance over the phone. For our records and yours, you must email us.

FYI: Generally do not make international calls (non-USA) but, you can call us. If you are a reserved client who asks us to call you at an international number and we can get through, you will be responsible for all phone charges (they can be high). We do not call non-clients.

IMPORTANT: Do not call us and hang up and especially if you are a reserved client! Please leave a message, even if it was a mistake. Being a top listed website, we receive a lot of "phishing" and telemarketing calls who they hang up immediately when they know it's a business. We immediately block them, no questions asked!

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