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Cheque or Money Order

- Make check out to: A Hawaii Wedding .Com

- Mail to: P.O. Box 8471, Honolulu, HI. 96830

Credit Card through PayPal

Payment For

Your Name & Contract Date

- Please fill-in your name and contract date.

- Click on the "Buy Now" graphic. You will be transferred to the our PayPal account page.

- Note: If you are making payment and are not a PayPal member, do not join PayPal, it will delay your payment.

Please make payments only in the amounts listed on your contract. Irregular amounts will be returned.

- Follow the prompts and directions. Submit your payment.

- PayPal will email you a receipt. We suggest also emailing us directly to let us know you've made payment.

- If you're have a problem with PayPal accepting your payment, our experience has been that, it's caused by either incorrect information entered or your credit card. We suggest trying another card or contacting your credit card company.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Credit card transaction fees are generated every time you make a payment using a credit card.

This fee is subtracted by from the total amount paid to us and paid to the processor i.e. bank, card processing service, or PayPal in our case.

Processor fees (PayPal) are not calculated until, a transaction is completed consequently, the amount is not listed on your contract and
are additional to your contract total.

These fees are collected with your "Final Service Invoice".

The basic fee for inside the U.S. is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Fees can be 7.9%+ depending upon the specific country the card has been issued from, for unsecured financial institutions, cards, and other parameters as determined solely by PayPal.

The basic fee for outside the U.S. is 4.4% + $0.30 or a fixed fee based upon the currency below.

FYI: The actual fee may be lower based upon our monthly volume. Simply, there's a good chance it will be less than shown above.