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Our planning and reservations process is simple, easy. We are here to guide you.


Our "Request Form" is our primary planning tool. It gives us something real to talk about.

Your selections and answers will allow us to give you specific advice and eventually, a draft contract for your review and consideration.

Step 1:

- Go to our Request Form.

Step 2:

- Fill out the form the best you can.

- If you have questions, use the dialog boxes to ask.

- The more complete the form, the more specific advice we'll be able to give.

Step 3:

- If we have suggestions or advice, we'll reply with our thoughts and answers.

Step 4:

- When you're ready, we'll email you a draft contract for review.

Step 5:

- Ask to make changes OR make your reservation payment
- Upon our receipt of payment, we'llre- confirm our vendors and send your final contract.

- You're all set to go. All you have to do is show up!

Hawaii wedding packages

What's the hurry?

- If you are flexible and do not require a specific date, time, or location, there's no hurry.

- If you you want a specific date, location, or time, get started now.

- If your wedding or vow renewal is within 30 days, what are you waiting for?

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