A Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Weddings and Vow Renewals on Oahu



Our hair and make-up artists are very experienced and have many years doing weddings and fashion shows.

Waikiki hotel "in-room" service. Additional person service available with the bride service.

We schedule 2 hours for standard bride hair and make-up and plan to finish 30 to 45 minutes before your suggested departure time for the ceremony.

Locations outside of Waikiki require an additional vendor travel fee.

If you're at a private residence, rental, or condo hotel, reserved parking must be provided or made available or additional fee will apply.

Specialized services like flat ironing, full head curl, attaching hair extensions, and other requested non-standard services requiring more time and additional cost. Please let us know beforehand so, we can schedule it on your contract.

There's always wind at outside beach locations. On some days, it can be a problem even with an "up-do". Wear your hair the way you want with or without our service but, accept if that it may still blow around. That's just what happens outdoors.

The simplest way to control in the wind for any length hair is to order a "Haku", a Hawaiian style flower head wreath.

You can get this from us or bring your own though, we have found that Haku from others are usually too large, overdone, and with flowers that distract from the bride's face.

FYI: Long traditional veils or headpieces don't work well at all in the wind so, be prepared to remove it and not use it.

Our stylist will call you just before the ceremony day when you are in Hawaii with you and ask about what you have ordered. She may suggest more or less time than scheduled on the contract depending upon your desires.

Finally, our vendor is a 35 year professional doing weddings, modeling, and special events. We trust her and she knows what we want. She does not advertise for outside clients nor does she have a website to look at.

These are some of her samples. If you're a bit fussy about your hair and make-up, we welcome you to hire your own person directly.