Reservation Booking Fee

To reserve your date, we require a reservation and booking fee payment via our PayPal merchant account.

This amount covers your contract preparation, vendor booking, correspondence, and is non-returnable.

The reservation is $100. The actual amount depends upon the number of professional vendor services, other items ordered, and the nearness of your event

Additional Contract Payments

We accept all forms of negotiable check or money order received within 45 days of your event OR a cash payment on ceremony day before your services begin.

If within 45 days, we accept a cash payment in U.S. dollars on the day of your event and before services begin. Read more here.

We will accept credit cards within 45 days for an additional $50 AHW service charge.

Final Service Invoice Payment

This is your final payment for our service. It will include your credit card transaction fees for payments other than your reservation booking fee payment, additional products ordered and not previously paid for, new orders, and any other monies due as per our contract.

We accept credit cards, mailed personal and bank cheques, postal and other money orders. For credit cards, we will pay the credit card transaction fees generated.

After we receive payment, we'll release your media products (photos and/or video) for delivery via electronic download.