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Ko Olina Area

11 am to sunset.
Vendor travel fees apply.

Click on image to see a few photos.

We're going to tell you up front, save your money and use any one of our selected beaches which are far more scenic and better for weddings in all regards, than anything at Ko Olina or on the west side.

Do your event in the morning and simply spend the day in Honolulu or have a sunset dinner, and have dinner and hang-out in Waikiki for the evening.

You'll do much better coming to us and using a beach like Waimanalo, Makapuu, Waialae/Kahala, or Magic Island.

The only reason you would want to have your wedding at Ko Olina is because, you're staying out there, we understand but, we still suggest you come to us.

Ko Olina is out in West Oahu and about 30 miles from Waikiki, 45 minutes to 1.5-2 hours drive depending upon the time of day.

It was good when there was just one hotel. Now with 4 hotels and more to come, more condos and time-shares, the beaches are busy all the time except, for two small beach coves. Additionally, all the lagoons fronting the hotels are private and do not allow weddings. The beach cove for the photo above is now always busy and especially at sunset, it's like Waikiki beach!

The light during the day is OK but, the geography and orientation of the coast creates difficult lighting for photos at sunset. It has a harsh side-light. FYI: The orientation of the entire west side of Oahu is the same.

It's a long drive for your guests from Waikiki and a long drive for our vendors and consequently, more costly than it needs to be.
For our vendors, your "simple" beach wedding becomes a 3-5 hour job and our top and most busy vendors just won't do it.

There is really only one public beach cove location available for weddings which is alright ti use for ceremonies. It's adjacent to the new Four Seasons (see above). There is another spot adjacent to Paradise Cove but, it's not good and we won't use it for a list of reasons. FYI: Websites like to call either “Secret Beach”. It's no secret LOL!

It’s really up to you. If you don't want to come to us and save some money as we suggest, we can go out there and make the best of it. We do go out there.

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