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Portlock Beach

East Honolulu
Sunset - October to March only.
Sunset only.
Vendor travel fees apply.

Portlock Beach
is probably the best sunset location given it's orientation and geography. Unfortunately, it's only good for the late Fall and Winter.

It's relatively secluded and easily accessible by a short walk through a public beach access in a residential neighborhood area.

The beach isn't wide and is unsuable during a high tide which we will check for. We suggest just the couple and no more than a handful of guests. Parking can be limited, two cars max unless, using our transportation.

You can see the approximate sun location from our photos. We suggest this location for Winter and late Fall to early Spring. Read more.

Portlock Beach Ceremony Photos

Makapuu Photo Tour & Portlock Ceremony

First we go to Makapuu Pt. Lookout for your Photo Tour scenic and then to Portlock Beach for your ceremony or we can do your ceremony at Makapuu Beach and then go to Portlock to catch sunset light photos.
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