Photography FAQ's


What are Hi-Res JPEG photo files?

They are high resolution JPEG files produced after our custom processing of the each individual RAW photo file. These JPEG files will allow you to make your own high-quality photo prints from the smallest size and up 40x60 and larger possible. This is the photo products included in our package which you receive.

How many photos do we get?

You get the number of Hi-Res JPEG photo files included with your package. You can add more photos on your contract before reservations or after the ceremony. Our best prices will be for a pre-order.

How many photos do you shoot?

We shoot more than enough to give a good variety and selection of images to choose from. This usually is around 80 to 100 photos. If you add extended photo sessions, it will be more.

Do we select our own photos?

Yes. You will do this using our WebPhotoGallery. Using a desktop or laptop computer is best and may be required given that, some phone systems are unable to properly render this gallery.

What about the WebPhotoGallery?

This is a personal website for viewing and selecting your photos. This will be uploaded within 7 days after the ceremony, most times sooner. It will contain all the photos except, those which we shot for exposure or other tests and photos where there is a selection of better ones. The gallery will be available for (30) days thereafter, it can be remade and re-posted for an additional fee. FYI: We are only responsible to hold your photo files for (30) days.

How do we get our photos?

After you've emailed us your selections and paid your Final Service Invoice, we'll upload your photos to our file transfer service. Your photos will be available for download for (30) days thereafter, it can be uploaded again for an additional fee. FYI: We are only responsible to hold your photo files for (30) days.

Can we get our photos on a USB stick or DVD disk?

Yes but, it's really unnecessary. We send our photo (and video) files electronically over the Internet to clients all over the world without a problem. With that said, if you struggle with computers, have a weak internet service, or have problems with our download, you may need to order a disk.

Are prints included?

No, we do not make prints or include them in our package. You make your own prints and size in any number, up to 30"x40" possible.

Can our family and guests take photos and video?

We allow guests to take photos and video during the ceremony, under the direction and sole discretion of the minister and photographer. If anyone becomes a problem, we'll require them to stop.

We don't allow photography after the ceremony when directed work is being performed. That includes the license signing, cake, toast, portrait sessions, or any scene our photographer is directing.

FYI: Do not hire a 'outside" photographer or have any person acting as such. They will not be allowed and will be required to leave the ceremony site until, all AHW services are completed and vendors have left the site.

Can we get different style photos?

No. What you see is what we do. It's predictable and we do it every time.

Can we requests shots?

All photography decisions are solely up to the photographer. With that said, if it's more than one simple shot, you may ask the photographer. If more or requires a series of shots to get a good one and/or direction by the photographer you'll be asked to add an extra photo session. If you know beforehand, let us know and we can add an extra portrait session to your contract.

Can we substitute package coverage shots?

No. Our photographer is required to cover the shots we specify to fulfill the requirements of our package. Add an extra portrait session.

Can the ceremony or photos be at another spot?

Maybe. This decision is made solely by our vendors and you cannot decide you want otherwise. Ceremony and photo spots are selected to perform the most successful event given the circumstance of the day. Simply, we avoid unsafe or problematic spots. If our vendors agree, you agree to accept all liability for any outcome.

If we have a "sunset" ceremony, will we get sunset photos?

No. Having your ceremony at "sunset" does not mean that you'll get sunset photos i.e. sunset in the background. We do not use the sun as a background, it's just too bright.

FYI: We schedule "sunset" ceremonies 60 minutes before the actual sunset. The variety of shots for a ceremony coverage requires that the sunlight is facing you (not behind you).

If you want some sunset photos when the sun gets low, order a extra portrait session on your contract.


We'll include a PDF of a copyright release for personal use which allows you to use your photos for making prints and sharing your photos.

How do you work?

A normal package photo coverage is about 20-30 minutes.

We work smartly and efficiently, making our sessions fun and enjoyable. We do not rush (unless, you are late) and it's pretty quick. We kind of do it like a fashion photo shoot.

Coverage is shot in a logical progression which enables us to get a greater variety of shots, more photos, and in a lesser amount of time than doing it otherwise.

That's what experience enables!
This not only saves time, it'll also save you unnecessary extra expense for other vendors waiting (limo) and gets to off and away to your next event sooner.

Don't fall for the "hour of photography" gimmick. There's only so much you can do with a couple standing here, looking there, doing this, doing that, LOL etc. before it gets boring and a waste of time and money.

How do you photograph?

All of our beach locations are out in the open, there's bright sun, and there's wind but, you'll notice that our photos look great and are very consistent from shot to shot, wedding to wedding, and location to location.

We accomplish this by shooting in a style and lighting technique that allows us to create our "look" quickly and consistently at all beach locations, times, and conditions.

We're not going into much detail except to say that, look at our photos and if they look good, then good.

Finally, unlike most all other websites we shoot RAW files and then expertly process each photo file individually. This adds a significant amount of time to the job (extra 1-2 hrs.) but, we have no interest in giving our clients marginal or crappy photos, even if they're paying far less than then the quality would dictate.

FYI: If you don't agree with our interpretation of the RAW files, you can always purchase the RAW files, process them yourself (with appropriate software) and create your own interpretation. Read more here.

Do you "fix" and/or "edit" photos?

No. We do not get rid of wrinkles, messy hair, blinks, swap heads, remove bandages and tatoos, make people thinner, or remove large distractions or people from the backgrounds. You're simply not paying for that service.

With that said, we shoot RAW files and process each individual photo to our interpretation of the optimum color balance, contrast, and exposure. We do try to remove small distractions, helicopters, planes, birds, and people in the background, if we can.

Note: None of those photos on our website have been fixed other than using our normal RAW processing.

What is a "Certified "Photographer?

Many websites like to use the term "certified" or "licensed" for their photographers, so much that, it's now meaningless.

Our top photographer is a "real" CPP having been awarded that designation a long time ago. Read more.

How can we tell what's good?

Simply look at photos. Not the "lucky" ones they highlight but, the "real" ones.

Look at photos series from as many weddings as possible. Are the horizons straight? Do people look genuinely happy? Do people have deep shadows in the eye sockets? Do their eyes look "dead" or do they sparkle? Does the skin look alive and vibrant or is it dull grey? Are the colors of the photos clean, clear, natural and vibrant or do they look flat.

How can we tell if what we see is what we'll get?

The more photos you see of actual ceremonies in progression, the more assured you can be. On our website, you'll see lots of weddings, samples from entire weddings and not just great looking "lucky" shots.

Read more about photography here.

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten".