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About Package Coverage

Our Hala package photo coverage is perfect for any couple and especially, those who want something simple but, professional.

We photograph the entire ceremony, the couple in portrait full-length, close-up, scenic, and do a group shot of all participants.

We begin coverage at the start of the ceremony and finish with the portrait session or we continue on if you have a cake, toast, or Photo Tour. Pretty straight forward.

We shoot in a storytelling progression throughout the ceremony and portrait session which makes for a nice logical visual presentation of your event. This also allows us to work at a comfortable and deliberate pace.

We select the ceremony spot and position you to achieve the best possible views given the conditions that day. Same for the portraits.

After the ceremony, there's still a lot of work for us. This is where we give our photos our special "look".

Unlike other websites, we don't just give you the JPEG's straight from the camera.

We manually "process" each individual photo file to our interpretation of the optimum color balance, contrast, exposure, and make corrections and special enhancements where appropriate, just like what you see on our website. This takes on average an hour or more.

After processing, we'll upload a personal website of your photos and email you a link with instructions on how to select your photos.

Your "WebPhotoGallery" will be available for (30) days to allow you to make selections and share with your family and friends.

Once we receive your selections, we'll send you a "Final Service Invoice" which includes your credit card transaction fees, any unpaid services, extra products, late fees, and last minute upgrades.

Upon payment, we'll email you another link to download your photos. It will be available for download for (30) days

If you have chosen to receive your photo files (or video) on a USB stick or a DVD disk, we'll mail your product to the address on your contract.

It's that simple and easy!

Read more Photo FAQ's here.

Ceremony with Extended Portrait Session