Apostille for Foreign Countries


You forgot to apply for your Apostille or you lost the application form given to you by the Health Dept or you forgot to include the proper payments, etc. what do you do?

You need to make a new application and make payment as directed. See instructions and information below.

- Health Dept and the Vital Records Division Go Here for information: http://health.hawaii.gov/vitalrecords/Apostilles/

- Go here for info as well: http://ltgov.hawaii.gov/the-office/apostilles-and-certifications/

- This is the actual application form you need to submit to the Health Dept (not the Office of the Lt. Governor) with your identification (pass port with photo showing): http://ltgov.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Apostille-Certification_application.pdf

- IMPORTANT: You will need to include a self-addressed envelope with proper postage and include a photocopy of your passport(s) showing your photo. We also suggest that you include a copy of your marriage license with the application, it can’t hurt.