Photography FAQ's


Nobody can do photos like us. Why? They're not us LOL!

If you like our photos, book us. If you expect photos that look other than what we show you, you won't get it.

We focus upon the people first and then to showcase our scenic Hawaii beaches, ocean, and sky, and getting as much natural color as possible from those backgrounds.

You'll notice that our photos are very consistent. We shoot in a style and lighting technique that allows us to create our "look" reliably in all outdoor conditions.

We sequence shots in a logical progression allowing us to create a greater variety and more photos in a lesser amount of time. This allows us to give you better and more shots, and save you time. Good photographers work quickly and efficiently, that's what professionals do. We only use good professionals!

Can we get different style photos than what you show?

Haha, no.

How do you photograph?

All of our beach locations are out in the open and in either, harsh direct sunlight, under tree shade, or under overcast and cloudy conditions. And many times, to get the backgrounds we want, it's not the best natural light direction and causing undesirable and unacceptable facial shadows.

To minimize those conditions and achieve our desired results with the same "look" wedding after wedding, we use powerful on-camera, direct and in-direct, electronic flash. This creates the consistency you see in our photos and give you confidence that what we show you is what you'll get. We rarely deviate from this unless, creating a singular special shot.

FYI: By using flash, we can do jobs at all times of the day and at all beach locations. It allows us to actually show the beautiful backgrounds versus completely white sky and ocean using natural light (except of course when the sky is already white or overcast). It fills-in harsh facial shadows and pockets under the eyes and avoids "dead eyes", instead creating a sparkle in the eyes. It makes for clean colors of skin, flowers, clothes, and scenery. It makes for great color contrast versus flat looking faces and backgrounds (that flat brown look). It just does so many good things that there's almost no time we'd use natural light.

FYI: We do not use specialty lighting tools like soft-boxes, umbrellas, etc. simply because, they don't work at most beach locations. Nor do we pay or you pay for photo assistants to attend those devices.

Finally, most all tourist websites shoot JPEG (just like your simple point and shoot camera). For the the best digital photo files, we "capture" our photos in "RAW" format and "process" each individual image for the best exposure, tone, color, saturation, and other parameters before converting to a JPEG file. This takes 1-2 hrs more hours of work. Read about RAW here.

How much time does it take?

We work smartly, efficiently, and quickly making our sessions fun and enjoyable. This also saves you money.

After the ceremony, which is about 8-12 minutes, it takes about 10-15 minutes for the photo session. In that time, we can and usually shoot 80-100+ photos. More time and photos for extended sessions. Most people will agree that it's more than enough and believe us, it is.

There's only so much you can shoot with a couple, standing here, looking there, doing this, doing that, etc. before it gets redundant, boring, and a waste of your time and money. Don't fall for the "free hour" gimmick or don't believe us.

How much do you shoot?

We shoot more than enough to cover your event and to satisfy your package requirements. Our packages list 80-100+ shots for selection. We don't over promise :) We do a coverage until we're done.

As it's been working out, we're usually shooting 120 to 140 and even to 160+ for our standard packages. If you're having any extra services like extended sessions, cake, toast, Photo Tour, or special ceremony events we can shoot even more.

We only want a couple of photos.

OK but, we do the coverage no matter. That's what we do.

Some websites shoot hundreds of shots?

Really? We don't shoot 20 shots of the exact same thing just so we can boast that we shoot 500 photos. LOL.

Can we get more photos than what we paid for?

Yes. Before or after the wedding.

What is a photo coverage?

Go here.

What is a Extended Photo Session?

Go here.

What about Copyright?

You'll get a release so you can use your photos for making prints and sharing for personal use when you receive your photo files. AHW retains ownership and copyright of all images and files. Commercial, advertising, editorial, or any use that is not personal use, must be agreed to by AHW and additional terms may apply.

Can we select our own photos?

Yes, of course! It seems like a natural thing but, you'd be surprised how many websites select the photos for you!

How do we select our photo files?

We'll make a "WebPhotoGallery" website for you to view and select your photos. Usually within several days but, sometimes longer depending upon how busy we are that week. We'll email you a link and instructions. The WebPhotoGallery will be posted for 30 days. You can share the link with your family and friends.

FYI: This Galley is for viewing only and not for downloading of images.

How do we get our photos?

Email us your selections. We'll send your Final Service Invoice. After receiving payment, we'll upload your photo files to our file transfer service "We Transfer". You'll get a email directly from "WeTransfer" with a download link. Files will be posted for download for (14) days. We can re-post it for an additional charge.

We have sent files to clients all over the world without a problem. This saves you on postage and mail delivery time. Read more.

Can we get our photos on a DVD disk?

Yes. The disk and postage is an additional cost.

What are Hi-Res JPEG photo files?

Hi-Res files are the highest resolution processed JPEG files our cameras produce and will allow for prints sizes up 40x60 and larger possible, as well as, providing the greatest utility and usage for your photo files by allowing cropping and other enhancements without significantly affecting print quality.

Can we make photos prints?

Yes, that's the whole idea! The JPEG files we include allow you to make your own prints in all the sizes you want.

Do you give us prints?

No. None of our packages includes photo prints.

It's ridiculous to pay for prints in a package, they're so cheap nowadays and you can make them yourselves.

Can our family and guests take photos and video?

We allow photos and video, under our direction during the ceremony as long as, it does not interfere with the performance of our services. If so, we'll ask them to step back or stop.

We do not allow video or photography by others during any of our directed work and during our portrait sessions.

Can we go to more locations?

We have a Photo Tour for that purpose. We do not suggest going to more than one extra location but, up to you. If you want another location, you can ask.

"I never look good in photos."

We're sorry. Our job is to do what we do and take good looking photos. We can't make you like how you look in your photos. f you're usually unhappy or insecure about your looks, that's not on us. Also, if you expect to look any different than how you come to us... don't! If you come with poorly applied make-up, with a hair style that doesn't work in the wind, have wardrobe malfunctions, acne, have bandages on your arms, bruises, etc. (all asked or expected of us to "fix" at one time or another) that's not on us. I

Do you "fix" and/or "edit" photos?

Yes, simply because, we don't give camera processed "dummy" JPEG's straight from the camera.

"No, we do not Photoshop, get rid of wrinkles, fix hair, fix blinks, swap heads, remove bandages and tatoos, make people thinner, remove big distractions or people from the backgrounds or ocean, etc.. Why? Because, you're not paying for that service!

FYI: Any website which tells you that they "fix" or "edit" all your photos, you gotta ask. Nobody has the time to "Photoshop" everything in every photo at these beach wedding prices. It's just not done. If you're paying $2k to $5k for photos OK.

What is a Certified Professional Photographer?

Many websites like to use the term "certified" or "licensed" for their photographers so much that, it's now meaningless. A photographer does not have to be certified nor do they have to be licensed. A CPP designation is conferred buy the Professional Photographers of America. Read more here.

How can we tell what's good photography and what isn't?

Look at "real" wedding photos, not just individual fixed-up shots for a websites ad pages. Look at photos series from as many weddings as possible. Look for straight horizons, "fixing" these takes time and many will not do that extra work. Look at the faces and the lighting. Do people have deep shadows in the eye sockets? Do their eyes look "dead" and dark or do they sparkle? Does the skin look alive and vibrant or is it dull grey? Are the colors of the photos clean, clear, natural and vibrant or do they look flat. Do people look genuinely happy? Do you like most all the photos and poses or just a few?

How can we tell if what we see on websites is what we'll get?

Avoid websites that leaving out the rest of the wedding coverage, those with just a few main page samples. On our website, you'll see lots of weddings, samples from entire weddings and not just great looking "lucky" shots.

We show you the progression of our sessions from shot to shot for pretty much the whole wedding. With us, you'll see that what we do is consistent with every wedding, and wedding after wedding. That's what you want... consistency!

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten".

Read more good advice here.