Weekends, Holidays, and Special Dates


We do not suggest having your ceremony on a Saturday, Sunday, or holidays unless, you have no other choice.

If you must have it on one of these days, we can perform ceremonies at specific locations and times.

Why not on a weekend or holiday? Just think of how the most popular recreational spots in your home town are like. There's people out and about, weekend traffic, no parking, events like parades, carnivals, sport races, and all manner of things people do on their days off. And we have no way to keep track of it all.

With that said, we understand that for some couples (cruise ship passengers, locals, military, etc.) a weekend or holiday, may be your only choice.

If that's you, we can try to help you and we'll give you the best advice given your desires and the parameters and specifics of your event. If you take our recommendations, you should be OK but understand, we can't guaranty what we can't control.

We use Magic Island, Waialae/Kahala, Waimanalo, or Sand Island State Park on weekends.

We list the times for locations which we have found to work well.

The mornings at 9 am and 10 am work for Magic Island, Waialae/Kahala, Waimanalo. Mid-day anywhere, forget it, too busy. For late afternoon or sunset, you're looking at Magic Island or Sand Island State Park.

Ko Olina, North Shore, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, and just about any other beach or park on the island is out for weekends.

Important: If you are choosing one of these days, you are accepting that events in Waikiki or at or near the ceremony location and route ,may require changes to your departure time, pick-up location for limo (if any), the ceremony location, additional cost, and even a re-scheduling of your ceremony to another day and associated costs.