Video Details


Video is performed by our experienced, professional videographers, using a professional grade HD camera.

Remote lapel microphones, and a camera microphones for clear sound and to mitigate wind and wave noise as much as possible.

We offer two video products.

Both versions include a Hawaiian music, ceremony location, scenic intro with the couple's name, ceremony date, and location.

Highlight Video version

This is a fully edited, artistic version of the ceremony including, the most important parts of your ceremony up to and ending at the certificate signing.

Scenes are edited for effect with live audio and edited-in music. Note: If you use our musician ceremony performance, that music will also be incorporated.

You have the option to add edits of your portrait, scenic, family, cake, and toast photo sessions set to music.

Uncut Video version:

This is a "uncut" version video of your ceremony with minimum edits for continuity and up to and ending at the certificate signing.

There is no edited-in music during the ceremony. Portrait, scenic, family, cake, and toast photo sessions may not be added.


Video is edited to our standards and incorporating copyright, wedding appropriate Hawaiian music with the live audio.

Editing and video is usually completed within 3-4 weeks depending upon the time of year.

For you "techies", video is a H.264 codec in a .mp4 file can, with AAC audio. For regular people, this is a universal world-wide video format.

Video file is delivered by electronic download and will be available for 30 days, using our web-based Internet transfer service.

How We Work

We use professionals videographer i.e. not the minister or photographer acting as a videographer and just setting up a camera on a tripod to run unattended.

The minister and groom are set-up with remote lapel microphones to achieve better sound than the common method of just using the camera mounted mic.

For the ceremony, the camera is on a tripod for steadiness and making smooth zooms and pans by the videographer. Following the ceremony, the camera is handheld for a more dynamic shots.

All video is shot using natural light with the videographer making manual adjustments for lighting changes.

Only copyright purchased music can be used in our video being that the fine is $10,000. Consequently, we can't use your music if even if you bought it and you we cannot use songs you request.