Vendor Travel Fees


A per vendor travel fee is required for each "on-site" ceremony vendor (minister, photographer, musician, videographer) and hair & make-up artist to travel to locations outside of Honolulu/Waikiki.

Locations with a travel fee include: Greater Honolulu, East-Honolulu, Windward, Ko Olina, West Oahu, and North Shore.

The fee is dependent upon the travel time and distance to and from from Waikiki, and the time of day. Simply, the longer the drive, the more the cost.

Why travel fees?

It takes extra time, effort, and expense to drive to outlying areas and it prohibits vendors from scheduling other jobs to allow for this travel. Consequently, however high the cost may seem for locations like Ko Olina, West Oahu, and North Shore, there is no travel fee amount we charge which equals the actual cost of travel.

FYI: Many of our vendors work with hotels, churches, and individual wedding planners for which they get paid far more. They are busy.

Our advice?

- Always start with considering one of our Honolulu/Waikiki (no fees) or Windward locations (minimal fees). You will not find more scenic or better locations for a ceremony anywhere else on the island.

- If you're staying at Ko Olina, the North Shore, or just about anywhere else, consider coming to us. Stay in Waikiki for a night or drive into Honolulu for the day or dinner, or just drive back to your hotel.


- If you're staying at Ko Olina or Turtle Bay, and your guests are staying in Waikiki, you're really not doing them any favors by having your ceremony so, far away, be nice :)

- For couples with a lot of family or guests all staying at the same place, making it hard to travel with a large group, you're kind of stuck. If you can find a better service than ours, go for it, we're OK.

- If you're a small group and everyone has a rental car and you're at Ko Olina or Turtle Bay, don't pay us to drive out there unless, you're "stuck". Come to us and have more services and/or products for your event or simply save your money.

- Finally, there is no location on West Oahu or the North Shore, given the geography and orientation of the island, or for the other parameters we consider for choosing a proper location, which is better or more scenic than our Windward and Honolulu/Waikiki locations. Just spend the day in Honolulu. Most couples plan to do that at least on one day and for a marriage, you're picking-up your marriage license anyway :)

What's the cost of vendor travel fees?

- See our Prices & Planing Order Form.

- Honolulu/Waikiki locations have no travel fee.

- East Oahu and Windward locations fees are the lowest and these are some of the most scenic spots we use.

- Ko Olina and North Shore have the highest fees. For an afternoon wedding, vendors have to leave by 3:00 pm latest just to beat the traffic" and will get home as late as 8:00 to 8:30 pm. That's 5-6 hours for a simple 30 minute beach wedding!

How much time do we need to get to a location?

These are approximate one-way travel times from Waikiki for an average day during the times we suggest for these locations.

  • Portlock Beach: 35 minutes.

  • Makapuu Beach: 45 minutes.

  • Waimanalo Beach: 45 minutes.

  • Ko Olina: 60-80 minutes.

  • West Oahu: 80-120 minutes.

  • North Shore: 80-120 minutes.

- Time of day, traffic, and other factors increase the travel to and from times significantly.

- If you're travel to town for a sunset with us, we suggest leaving by this time the latest.

IMPORTANT: Hawaii is a safe place but, we have one of the highest property crime rates in the country if not the highest. Do not leave any valuables or items you cannot afford to lose, unattended and/or visible in your car or car trunk, even for a few minutes. All cars are targets and thieves will bust a window, break-in a second, and steal all your stuff, they're good.