RUSH Services


We always try to get product out as soon as we can. With that said, our vendors can get very be busy.

Normal production time for photo processing and posting of the WebPhotoGallery is 3-7 days.

Normal video editing and completion is usually 4 weeks.

Sometimes either of these can be a little longer depending on the time of year.

When you order a RUSH, your job goes to the front of our production schedule and before all other clients who have not ordered a RUSH.

FYI: This does not include mail delivery time if you've ordered a disk for either photos or video. Domestic USPS Priority Mail is stated as 3-5 days. International mail delivery depends upon your country's mail service. You can request USPS Express Mail which is suppose to be faster.

Note: Canada, Brazil, Norway, (our experience) and countries which have either prolonged customs protocols or just a slow mail service can take 8 weeks or more.