Reservations, Payments, and Cancellations


Reservation and Booking fee:

The reservation and booking fee is listed on your contract and covers your contract preparation, correspondence, vendor booking and coordination, and is non-returnable.

The amount depends upon your services and the nearness of your event, and may include your second payment amount if less than 45 days.

Other Payments:

A second (if any) and last payment will be due as scheduled on your contract payment schedule..

Pease make payments in the amounts listed on your contract only. Please do not make-up your own amounts.

What about contract changes?

All changes are at the sole discretion of AHW subject to approval.

If you want to change the date/time, let us know ASAP and we can check if a change can be made. Normally, it's not a problem as long as it's before 30 days out though, extra charges may apply (see your contract terms).

What about cancellations?

Unlike websites who regularly cancel events to take a higher paying job or for other reasons, our professionals are committed to your job consequently, when you reserve, all other job inquiries whether from us or others are turned away. We are likewise committed to pay them either in part or in full depending upon the date of cancellation.

In the event of a cancellation, the non-returnable reservation and booking fee payment will not be returned as will any other required payment previously received to secure and keep your date/time..