About Our Package


Our $350 Hala package includes all the services you'll need for a simple and memorable wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

Receive $65 OFF the $350 Hala for a price of $285 by simply making your last payment in cash on ceremony day instead of by credit card or by mailed cheque or money order 45 days in advance.

Why pay cash?

Credit cards charge transaction fees which you pay to us after the ceremony through your Final Service Invoice.

Your last payment will be the majority of your cost and therefore, have the largest fees (see our Payment page).

Paying in cash eliminates these fees completely.

Note: You can mail us a cheque or money order received by 45 days prior to your event if you prefer not to pay in cash. There are no fees for these types of payments.

Why our package and services?

All of our prices are clearly visible, transparent, and easily comparable.

You don't need to decipher the differences between multiple packages and if you're actually getting a good deal by buying more than you need or paying higher.

You can add only the extra services and products you want and see the price versus costs being hidden in a large package.

Why are your prices so good?

We are fully Internet based like "Amazon". We do not require a storefront office or "staff" with high operating costs. It's unnecessary. Consequently,
we can charge the most reasonable prices.

We only offer services and products that add real value to your beach ceremony. You may not see some of the services other websites offer simply because, they are not appropriate for a beach ceremony or are not worth the extra cost you'd have to pay. Believe us, it it were, we'd offer it and charge you for it! LOL.

One website gives you a bottle of cheap Champagne (or just a glass) and/or a small cake for free or if you buy their bigger package. What they don't tell you is, it's not part of your ceremony coverage. They simple hand it to you to take with you! We offer a cake service with photos and you'll pay for it but, it's quite different.