Outside Non-AHW Vendors


"On-site" ceremony vendors:

We do not allow non-AHW vendors for any "on-site" ceremony services. Why?

Our insurance and DNLR beach wedding permit does not allow for non-AHW vendors to be "on-site".

As important if not more important to ensure success, our professionals work as a team enabling everyone to perform at their highest level.

"Off-site" vendors:

We're talking transportation, hair & make-up, flowers and lei, or who ever you hire.

We do not require it but, we also suggest using our vendors for your "off-site" non-ceremony services. Why?

If our "outside" vendors make you late for whatever reason, we pay the late fees due our "on-site" vendors!

Most importantly, these people you hire off the Internet or even from the hotel, may end up costing you far more money than any amount you think you'll save and even more than the entire cost of the service itself!

We've had limousine drivers get lost or be late (and blame us), Uber drivers the same, and we've had hair & make-up arrive late, take too long, or do both. All of a sudden, you're late, you'll owe late fees, and worse, you may not have your ceremony performed and have to reschedule and pay late fees and additional costs to book another day.

Btw, some of our prices are far lower than you can get on your own if you've checked :) Yeah, our prices are very good!

IMPORTANT: Because of liability issues, we cannot communicate with non-AHW vendors at all. You must do this. We've actually been blamed by limo drivers getting lost and hair & make-up people going to the wrong hotel and/or at the wrong time. Understandably, we don't allow that anymore.

IMPORTANT: AHW is not responsible and liable for the performance or non-performance of AHW services caused by the actions of your non-AHW vendors.