Outside Non-AHW Vendors


"On-site" ceremony vendors:

We do not allow non-AHW vendors for any "on-site" ceremony services. Why?

Our insurance and DNLR beach wedding permit does not allow for non-AHW vendors to be "on-site".

As important if not more important to ensure success, our professionals work as a team enabling everyone to perform at their highest level.

"Off-site" vendors:

We're talking transportation, hair & make-up, flowers, etc..

We do not require it but, we also suggest using our vendors for your "off-site" non-ceremony services. Why?

If our "outside" vendors make you late for whatever reason, we pay the late fees due our "on-site" vendors!

Most importantly, these people you hire off the Internet or even from the hotel, may end up costing you far more .

Limousine and Uber drivers get lost, hair & make-up are late, take too long, and make you late.

Note: We've actually been blamed by limo drivers getting lost and hair & make-up people going to the wrong hotel and/or at the wrong time.

IMPORTANT: Because of liability issues, we cannot communicate with non-AHW vendors at all. You must do this.

AHW is not responsible and liable for the performance or non-performance of AHW services caused by the actions of your non-AHW vendors.