Mailing Procedures


If postage has not been included on your contract, we'll email you the postage cost with your "Final Service Invoice".

When we receive payment, we'll mail your products at the soonest opportunity via USPS Priority Mail. We have mailed to all over the world with no problems using USPS.

We do mailings as per our mailing procedure and schedule which is usually between 7-14 after receiving your payment. Normally, we are able to mail it out within the week.

United States, Territories, APO's: We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail Domestic Flat Rate envelope with delivery confirmation. Delivery time is as per USPS delivery times. From Hawaii, this is usually anywhere from 3-7 days. We can also use USPS Express Mail if requested which is the fastest. Let us know and we'll send a new Mailing Invoice.

International: We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail International Flat Rate envelope. We will list your product as a "gift" to avoid any custom fees your country may charge. With that said, once your mailing leaves the United States, we cannot anticipate or be responsible for security measures, customs checks, extra fees, delivery times, or any other action by your country's mailing service. What we can say is that we have never had a package not delivered. Some countries just take longer to process and deliver their mail. FYI: Canada, Norway, Brazil, and sometimes Australia have had the slowest mail delivery among all the countries our clients originate from, taking as long as 4-6 weeks but, Brazil can take up to 2 months for delivery, Australia can be fast lately.

FedEx or United Postal Service (UPS): If you prefer this method, let us know. We charge a handing fee of $35 plus the postage delivery cost.

NOTICE: No transfer of product can be made until, all outstanding balances are paid.