Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Locations


About Locations

We make things easy for you. We tell you which locations are best based upon our experience.

We tell you the best times to be there for a ceremony. We'll tell you if it's right for "your" wedding or not, and we'll let you decide.

There are Hawaii wedding websites which list every single beach or scenic lookout on Oahu but, what good is that? Not all beaches are appropriate for weddings i.e. most have inherent problems no couple would appreciate dealing with on wedding day.

Couples want credible advice and they definitely don't want to be steered to one location or another because of the agenda of the wedding company.

One top Google ranked company likes to park themselves at the Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, even though it's not the most scenic or best location for weddings.

Our primary criteria for the locations are the scenic value for photos, appropriateness for ceremonies given the number of guests and services you want, accessibility, and parking.

If any other locations were any better than the ones we list and if they made any sense, we'd definitely be using them too!

Public Beach Sites

All Hawaii beaches are public, there are no private beaches, even those fronting hotels except, the beach coves fronting the hotels at Ko Olina where weddings are not allowed.

With that said, there are some beaches which are more "private" than others (Waimanalo, Waialae, Makapuu, Portlock) and even the more "public" beaches that we use (Magic Island, Ft. DeRussy, Duke Kahanamoku) while busy, are great for simple ceremonies.

If you are having a small wedding party (under 30) and want it to be as simple as possible, a public beach site is your best choice.

While no sites are "private", most of these areas are large enough and Hawaii people respectful enough, that you may experience as much privacy as you would expect anywhere else or at a hotel.

FYI: As per DLNR beach permit rules, chairs, arches, fire, altars, or large fixed set-ups are prohibited on the sand or near the water (no matter the photos you've seen on websites). Champagne and alcohol is also illegal in public spaces.

We only offer services beach ceremonies.


If you're having more than 30 guests or want traditional ceremony set-ups i.e. gazebo, chairs, aisle runner, stanchions, a paid site like a hotel is what you need.

There are many hotels on Oahu though, only a relative few have the scenic value, appropriate facilities, and services for weddings.

Hotels weddings are expensive and often times nowadays, require that you use their "approved" vendors which almost always means higher prices so the hotel can get their "kickback". Many hotels also charge you a prohibitively hefty fee if you don't use their "approved" vendors.

We no longer do hotel ceremonies.

Private Estates

These are commercial locations and residential homes which are commonly referred to as "private estates".

If you're thinking of renting a vacation rental to have a ceremony, check with the rental agent if it's OK to have one.

Nowadays, these sites are wary of ceremonies and receptions to follow and neighbors have a more negative view towards them.

We no longer do estate ceremonies.


There are a small number of churches which provide universal wedding services to non-parishioners and these churches are becoming fewer and fewer.

Unfortunately, most are now contracted out, all day, to Japanese wedding companies who only really desire to service their Japanese clients.

We no longer do church ceremonies.