Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area
Waimanalo Bay Beach Park
aka Sherwood Forest

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park has become a popular spot for some wedding companies.

It's just so much easier to "camp out" all day and not have our vendors drive around to more scenic or more appropriate beaches for our clients. And we could hire a couple of crews and do multiple ceremonies at the same time.

But, there's no way we could recommend this beach. It's busy throughout the day, especially during the summer and holiday months. Forget about weekends. We prefer not to have people all around or in our photos.

And the geography of the beach is just not that exciting compared to the spot we use along the 4 mile stretch of beach known as "Waimanalo Beach".

Oh yeah, you do get forest for photos but, our clients don't come to Hawaii to get photos done in a forest. LOL.


This is a photo just off the parking lot. Many wedding companies use this left corner of the park. Notice that there is a rest room and "Yelp" reviewers say they are "nasty". In the trees just to the right and fronting the beach is a public camp ground, filled with tents in the summer.

A shot from in the trees on the edge of the camp ground. See how far the tree line is from the water? Set-ups are only allowed in the tree line.

Here's a company setting up chairs and a arch for a wedding ceremony.

FYI: This open area is filled with tents on the weekend and holidays and sometimes you'll see a few during the weekdays.

The telephoto lens makes it look close but, this set-up is actually about 80 yards of beach from the water. On a busy day, it's filled with beachgoers. See photo below.

Is that a homeless encampment right there? Yes, it is.

That's a Japanese couple taking photos on the beach. They arrive all day long just to take photos. Notice how wide the beach is and where the set-up has to go. This is a weekday, not too bad for crowds and no Frisbee football and volleyball tournaments on this day haha.

That's just a family with a tent nearby and in the background of the chair and arch set-up.

This is the opposite view showing the main part of the beach park. Not too busy on a weekday but, busier than we prefer and people on the beach and in the water become unavoidable in your photos.