Ceremony Spot Decorations

There's really nothing better than the natural beauty of Hawaii's beaches and ocean as your background. You really don't need more than that.

With that said, some clients want something more, wanting to create a "sense of place" for their ceremony.

For this purpose, we've created a Tiki flower set-up that's simple, beautiful, allowed in the beach permit, priced right, and best of all... uniquely Hawaiian in feel.

This set-up works best at our Waialae/Kahala (above), Magic Island, and our spot on Waimanalo.

We do not suggest any other set-ups like chairs or arches and except for specific locations. See why here.

FYI: We do not allow any client set-ups or ceremony site decorations included on our permit unless, it is specifically listed on the contract and agreed too by us. That includes chairs, scattered flowers, arch, etc..