Family Portrait Session

When a family comes together for a wedding or vow renewal, it's a perfect time have a family portrait done, either on the same day or scheduled for another day.

Yes, your wedding coverage will include a group shot or shots of your family (depending upon your package coverage) but, these are group shots performed for the purpose of the event i.e. to show the people attending. It's not a traditional family portrait stye shot.

A "family portrait" session is where we focus solely upon the individual family and devote additional time to do a variety of poses with the singular purpose of creating a family portrait like the ones shown here.

How It Works

We will schedule your family portrait to occur just prior to or just after your ceremony event at the same location.

We'll start with easy poses both seated and stand-up, and then try to do more dynamic action and more adventurous poses if you're up to it. The poses we employ are the ones we been successful using over many years (based on client orders).

During each pose, we refine the pose as we generates shots so you look as good as possible and natural (FYI: There's nothing natural about a family portrait LOL). When we are satisfied that we have gotten what we want from a pose set-up, we move on to something different.

This method gives us the best chance to generate a good shot from each pose. Our goal is to give you enough so you can select that one shot as your family portrait for your wall.

We'll normally try 3-4 set-ups if it works for you family. FYI: Not all poses or posing for portraits works for every family so we may take only do a pose or two that works given the dynamic of your family or a few shots and move on to something else if it isn't working.

You'll select the photo print files for both your wedding and portrait session as provided for in your ceremony package.

Finally, it's natural to want to pack as many different shots into one session i.e. individual shots of your kids, shots of your kids playing in the sand, high school senior portraits, shots of couples or smaller family groups, etc. but, this portrait session and price only allows for shooting a family portrait only. It does not allow for all this extra stuff. If this is important to you, we can do a regularly priced portrait session. Let us know.

FYI: If you have young children (and specifically a 2-3 year old :), you want to make sure that they are relatively good with photos, generally happy, and mindful of you. When they're not, it can be pretty stressful for you. The photographer we use for this purpose has done hundreds of family portraits but, he's not a magician when it comes to fussy kids! :)