Wedding Transportation Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are passenger rated for insurance and for safety regulations by the State of Hawaii. Under no circumstance can the passenger amount exceed the insurance passenger rating for the vehicle including children. If you get a 8 passenger limo, you cannot have 9 passengers i.e. 8 adults and 1 baby.

Order your vehicle appropriately for the number of passengers you are providing transportation for. For comfort, we suggest that you not "pack-in" everyone to the maximum passenger ratings for vehicles listed below if possible (except the vehicles which have individual seats), but that's up to you. Ditto airport transfers with luggage.

FYI: Child seats are not required for limousines nor do we or the transportation companies provide them.

Standard Limousine

Ride in comfort, no worries, no getting lost, it's the only way to travel!
Bring your own Champagne for a wedding toast... after the wedding of course :)

FYI: Our 3-door, 10-passenger limousine, has a third door at the front section of the limousine passenger compartment. No more passengers crawling on their knees to the front!

1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III
2 passenger

This classic, beautiful restored Rolls Royce is the only one of it's kind on Oahu. Arrive in the style only a Rolls can provide. It's great for photos and yes, it's old, but it does have modern air-conditioning, the same they use for dragster drivers!

Mercedes 11 passenger Sprinter Van

Standard Sprinter van for 11 passengers with regular seats and plenty of cargo space at the rear for strollers, wheelchairs, etc.

Shuttle Bus

Motor Coach Bus
58 Passenger