Weekends and Holidays


We suggest if possible, to not have your event on a Saturday or Sunday or a holiday!

Why? Everybody goes to the beach on weekends and holidays in Hawaii LOL! Just think of how the most popular recreational spot where you live is like on the weekends... it's like that.

Simply, it's usually very busy (more than weekdays), there can be people all over the place, weekend traffic, no parking, and events like parades, carnivals, canoe races, football, parties, and all manner of things people do on weekends happens that we don't plan for. When you have your event on a weekend, you accept this. Don't blame us, we told you.

With that said, and if you're OK with that, we understand that for some couples a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, may be your only choice.

If you must do it on a weekend, we can still help you but, we're not going to set ourselves or you up for a hard time :).

We do 9 am and 10 am, and sunset depending upon the holiday. We do not take jobs between 11 am to 3 pm.

We do not work on Jan 1, Easter Sunday, July 4, or Dec 25. We do December 24 & 31 in the mornings only.

We may work on some State holidays but, will rarely on big Federal holidays. You can ask though.

We charge extra for weekends and more for major or busy holidays or dates preceding holidays (Dec 24, Dec 21, etc.).

These are the beaches we have found which have worked better than others on weekends and holidays at the times we suggest but, we don't guaranty it.

Waimanalo Beach - 9 am and 10 am.

Waialae/Kahala Beach - 9 am and 10 am.

Magic Island - Mornings at 9 am and 10 am and Sunset.