Vendor Travel Fees


Vendor travel fees are required for any location outside of the Honolulu/Waikiki area i.e. East Honolulu, Windward, West Oahu-Ko Olina, and North Shore locations.

A flat rate fee per vendor is charged for each "on-site" vendor i.e. minister, photographer, musician, videographer, or others.

Vendor travel fees for various sites and island areas are listed in the pull-down menu under "Ceremony Locations" on our Prices & Planning Order Form.

Honolulu/Waikiki locations have no fee. East Oahu and Windward locations have a minimal fee. West Oahu - Ko Olina and North Shore have the highest fees and our suggestion is to save your money use our other locations.

Why travel fees? Simply because, it takes time, effort, and expense to travel to locations. The longer it takes to get there and back, the more gas, the more driving, traffic, aggravation, and everything that comes driving on Oahu (almost always #1 or in the top 3 worst in the U.S.).

We use top wedding professionals who also do weddings for hotels, churches, and select companies. They're good, they're in demand, and they're usually pretty busy every week.

We love going to our East Honolulu and Windward locations because, they're so scenic and are a reasonable travel distance consequently, we keep our fees low and very reasonable for these locations.

If you want our guys to drive out to West Oahu - Ko Olina or the North Shore for your "simple wedding" that's a different matter. Just look at the map below :)

The truth is, none of our ceremony vendors wants to drive all the way out to West Oahu or the North Shore and all that entails without being compensated at least for the equivalent time.

One bride, not seeing this webpage and misunderstanding the fees for an afternoon North Shore wedding replied, "Okay, if it's not worth your vendors time and is non-negotiable, I'll continue looking at other wedding planners. Thanks for your time."

Well yes but, it's not personal. It's simply not worth our vendors time to do a wedding for any less than we charge (that actually applies to all of our prices LOL). We're just telling you the way it is, and what we have to deal with.

For example, an afternoon wedding at Ko Olina or the North Shore, vendors have to leave by 3:00 pm just to "beat the traffic" and will get home as late as 8 pm. That's 5 hours for a simple beach wedding. If it's earlier, they still have to wait till after 6-7 pm for the traffic to subside. Pretty ridiculous! FYI: We do charge less for mid-day times where travel is easier.

FYI: There are couples who do have us drive out far away, a couple of times a year mainly because, they have 20-30 or more guests, it just makes sense for the specifics of their wedding, and they can't find better prices or vendors even with the travel fees.

FYI: You'll probably find websites with lesser or even no fees but, keep in mind, we don't use people lucky just to have a job once in a while and happy to drive all over the island LOL.

What we suggest, if you're staying at West Oahu - Ko Olina or the North Shore is that, you save your money and drive to us and use one of our listed locations. Spend the day or evening in Honolulu/Waikiki if you want. That's what the majority of our clients do.

There simply is no location on West Oahu or the North Shore, given the geography and orientation of the island, or for the other parameters we consider for choosing a proper location, which is better or more scenic than the locations we list. That's just the way it is LOL.

These are approximate one-way travel times from Waikiki for an average day.

  • Portlock Beach: 30-40 minutes.

  • Makapuu Beach: 35-45 minutes.

  • Waimanalo Beach: 35-45 minutes.

  • Lanikai Beach: 35-50 minutes.

  • Kualoa: 60-90 minutes.

  • Ko Olina: 50-60-90 minutes.

  • West Oahu: 60-90+ minutes.

  • North Shore: 60-120+ minutes.

If you're driving on your own, we suggest doing a "drive-by" before the wedding day at about the same time as your ceremony. If you are using our transportation, no worries.

FYI: Hawaii or Los Angeles trade the top ranking for the worst traffic in the U.S. every year.

IMPORTANT: Hawaii is a safe place. With that said, if you drive yourself, please do not leave any valuables (passports, purses, money, cameras, etc.) in your car at any time!