About Rain


Here's what you need to know.

First thing: We don't talk about rain LOL, m
aybe that's why we've always have great luck and even when it does rain. After thousands of weddings, we've only had to switch locations or reschedule a handful of times.

Knowing how things are here in Hawaii, w
e don't worry about rain until it might affect us and that's on wedding day just before the event. Yes, it may have been pouring rain just before but, when we do the actual ceremony, we've been pretty lucky.

Yup, it'll be cloudy and overcast, and there may even be a intermittent drizzle but, it's still good enough to do the ceremony as planned. The lighting is actual nice when it's overcast.

Second thing: If you're planning to have your wedding outdoors anywhere, either at home or in Hawaii, you've already accepted the fact that, it might rain.

Third thing: You're not paying us for a "Plan B"! That's right, you're not paying us for a "Plan B". That's got to be obvious given our prices but, we gotta state it so, there's no absolutely no confusion. FYI: We do now have a rain insurance option on our Order Form which gives you the option of a "Plan B". See HERE.

FYI: You can pay a hotel $2k-$4k just to stand on their gras. Some have a "Plan B" for large events which you're paying for but, for small weddings, no.

OK, so here's what you need to know about the weather in Hawaii given our experience.

Is there a best time of year?

In a normal year, you can expect more rain in the from October to April. Our hurricane season is from July to August (we've had only 3 in the last 35 years and only one that got close to Oahu... pretty good odds). Tropical storms come and go throughout the year.

Rain in Hawaii is a common early morning occurrence and sometimes in the later afternoon depending upon the wind direction. Additionally, the beach locations we use are less likely to get the worst rain simply because of the geography.

It rains usually over the mountains, interior, or west side almost every day. Waikiki, East Honolulu, and Windward east side by Makapuu and Waimanalo are usually not wet while other parts of the island are. When it rains in Hawaii, it's still nice. You only get rainbows when there's rain! :)

Sunny weather in the Spring/Summer is nice but, it can also be hot and muggy. Wet weather in the late Fall and Winter is normal but, we've had some drought years too.

We're in the middle of the Pacific and it's hard to predict reliably what's going to happen at any certain time (even for huge storms) and weather changes quickly.

We've learned not to rely upon TV and website weather forecasts, they're wrong 80% of the time unless, it's a huge weather front and it's obvious. And even then, they'll predict "severe" weather and it ends up being alright or even sunny! We don't get stressed out about it and neither should you.

For example, we just had a day where it was rainy and heavy clouds pretty much all morning and to early afternoon. Thankfully, the client didn't freak out and want to reschedule their sunset wedding (they purchased rain insurance) that day. Long story, it was an awesome sunset and the weather could not be any better.

The main thing to remember is that we have far more good weather days than not and more for the locations we use for weddings.

So, what happens?

First, heavy clouds, overcast, drizzle, wind, and intermittent rain, light or heavy, are not reasons for us to reschedule a wedding.

As it works out 95% of the time, with a little patience or even a nearby location change, we will be able to perform your wedding as scheduled.

If it's an obvious storm system like a hurricane or large tropical storm, we'll talk either the day before or on the morning of the wedding.

As a policy, we don't reschedule. It's got to be really bad for us to reschedule. We've learned the lesson of rescheduling a wedding a couple hours before and the weather gets better.

FYI: If we suggest relocating to another location, it's easiest if you're using our transportation or you have given us a mobile phone number (fees for non-USA phones are paid by you). It's impossible if you're already in transit driving yourself. We'll just have to meet at the location and go from there.

Here’s what we can do at our sole discretion:

  • We'll wait as long as we can for the rain to pass and as long as it doesn't conflict with a wedding to follow.

  • We'll suggest another location. You'll be responsible for vendor travel fees outside of Honolulu/Waikiki (if any). Any vendor travel fees already on your contract will not be returned for a location change. AHW transportation time previously contracted for may or may not be adjusted. We'll do what's fair.

  • We can use your hotel room or alternate covered location you have secured. Vendor hotel parking fees will be added to your Final Service Invoice.

  • We'll have an umbrella for the couple but , we won't have umbrellas for guests.