Number of Participants


The number of participants is important! It determines what options are available to you, what you can do, where you can do it, the appropriate services, and even affects the time and date selection.

Please be as accurate as possible estimating the number of participants. It is required for your DLNR beach wedding permit and our location recommendations are based upon it.

Destination weddings on the beach are unlike having one at home where you send out invitations 2-3 months before the event and after you have secured all of your sites and service.

Yes, it's somewhat backwards for destination events. You'll want to know who's coming first, in order to plan accurately and have as many options available as possible to you (fewer means more choices), and also to give your guests plenty of notice to plan themselves.

Consequently, the best would be for you to know, how many people will be participating before you make your plans with us but, if you want to proceed, give us your best guess and err to the high side.

If you reserve your date and find that you will be having more people than originally listed on your contract, please let us know as changes may be required.

beach wedding permits are issued for a (30) person maximum limit. With that said, we can still do your wedding understanding that, you are solely responsible and legally liable for any and all actions against AHW in this regard.