Number of Participants


Our recommendations are largely based upon the number of participants. It'll help determine the appropriate location, services and products, and even the best day and time. You'll want to be as accurate as possible and give is your best guess estimating the number of participants.

The cost of the DLNR beach wedding permit is based upon the number of participants and the area required. We initially permit for 200 square feet for our packages. 400 sqft. and more people, doubles the cost, and continues to double.

beach wedding permits are issued for a (30) person maximum limit. We can still do your wedding but, you'll be responsible for any over and above. Leave them home LOL!

TIP: Destination weddings on the beach have to be planned backwards. You need to know how many people are coming before choosing the beach (for the above reasons). Unlike at home, where you'd secure your locations and services first, and then send out invitations.

FYI: If you reserve your date and find that you will be having more people than originally listed on your contract, please let us know as changes may be required.