How to Make Payment Using Paypal


We use PayPal as our credit card processor. It is accepted by the U.S. Postal Service, government agencies, and major retail websites in 103+ countries with over 100+ million users. Use as you would to make any webnet retail purchase.

FYI: Do not join PayPal to make your reservation payment if you are not a member. New member verifications can delay your reservation payment for up to 2 weeks. Do it after.

1). Click on the "Buy Now" graphic. You will be transferred to the official PayPal website and our merchant account page.

2). Enter your payment amount as shown on the contract. Your payment amount does not auto-fill the box.

3). Follow the prompts and directions. Submit your payment.

4). After your submittal, PayPal will email you a receipt notification. If you do not receive a email from PayPal, your transaction was not completed.

5). Please send us an email that you have made payment. Sometimes we do not get the payment verification from PayPal immediately.

6). We'll email your final original contract. Your contract will also indicate your reservation payment.

FYI: A few couples who had a problem making payments. All have been caused by their credit card company or the country of origin or a card limit, and not by PayPal. If your transaction amount is limited by your credit card company, simply make multiple payments in lesser amounts. If you continue to have a problem, just let us know.

Note: Credit card transaction fees are not made part of your contract totals and are paid by you with your Final Service Invoice sent after the completion of service and before photos and other product are released. Read about transaction fees.

Make your payment here.