Outside non-AHW ceremony vendors.


We do not allow non-AHW vendors or performers except, for certain services (see below). Why?

The main reason is that, our vendors work as a team which enables each individual to perform at their highest level, and this pretty much ensures our overall success.

When we have outside vendors, performers, non-professionals, part-timers, friends, etc., not knowing what our vendors need or expect, it sometimes makes what should be simple, a challenge.

Additionally, as the primary DNLR permit holder, we are responsible and liable for all services provided "on-site".

While we may allow it in certain circumstance, we also charge more for us allowing non-AHW performers.

Why do we charge more and not give you a discount? It's an incentive LOL. We always want to use our team to ensure our success. And in many respects, if couples benefit from our services and prices, we also want our vendors who are loyal to us, to also benefit. Simply, we are a "Ohana" and we take care of our family.

FYI: We are only concerned with "on-site" ceremony services. If you want to get your own limo, hair & make-up, or other off-site services, you are welcomed to do so.

We may allow a family member or friend perform as the officiate/minister for an additional fee to the package price. See our Prices and Planning Order Form

If you choose this, understand that the ceremony must start and end according to our schedule (about 10 minutes) or your photo coverage may be shortened and/or additional late fees may apply. Make sure your officiate is aware of this and if anticipated to be longer, let us know for your contract.

If you are requesting other "on-site" services which we do not initially allow outsiders to perform, you can ask us.

IMPORTANT: Due to liability and previous negative experiences, we do not coordinate or communicate with any non-AHW service provider, whether for "on-site" ceremony services or outside services. You must do all communication directly them including, schedule and times, directions to location, performance requirements, and any rules.


1). Any non-AHW on-site ceremony service providers must be agreed to by AHW and must be listed on the contract and must perform under the sole direction of AHW or they will not be allowed to perform and/or AHW services will not be provided and no monies returned or a charge equal to that of the same or similar AHW service will be charged additionally before any product is released after the ceremony.

2). You are solely responsible for your non-AHW service providers. AHW be not be liable for the performance or non-performance of services caused by the actions of non-AHW vendors and for any additional fees or penalties caused by their action or in-action which will be charged to the client, and no monies will be returned.